Star Spotting: Destiny’s Child Seal Their Reunion With A Fish Kiss! (PHOTO)

Destiny's Child pucker up fish-style with fish lips on Instagram.

Destiny's Child ALWAYS look flawless  -- even when giving goofy fish lips!

Destiny's Child have been friends forever, so they are obvs going to revert to old, goofy habits when they reunite. Case in point: Here's a PRECIOUS picture of the girls goofing around and serving up hilarz fish lips. And just in case you're all, "What's the different between 'fish lips' and 'duck lips?'" we'll tell you: "Fish lips" are when you suck in your cheeks all cute and stuff (as seen in the above photo), while "duck lips" should STOP BEING USED FOREVER. Anyway, now that we got that life lesson out of the way, let's all admire the fact that even when DC tries to get silly, they will ALWAYS look like beautiful goddesses who just arrived to Earth from Planet Perfection. (Looking cute mid-fish face is no easy task, which is why we never do them anymore.)

The "Nuclear" singers shared the photo on Instagram, clearly still riding high on their reunion (US TOO!) and even more on their stellar Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. We're just glad the three had a chance to soak in some QT before dashing off to take over the world in their own separate and successful ways. And while we'll let you decide which one of the ladies is more guppylicious (it's a three-way tie for us), we're going to be over here making fish lips right back at the picture, daydreaming HARDER THAN WE EVER HAVE that we're actually the fourth member of Destiny's Child and were just left out of the photo because we were the ones taking it.

Photo credit: @baddiebey

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