Star Spotting: Diddy Dressed Up As Prince For Halloween, And He Completely Nailed It (PHOTO)

Diddy as Prince for Halloween is PURE GENIUS, and we are dying 4 u.

Truth be told, I'm kinda lazy about Halloween and have now thrice repeated my costume as, wait for it, a jellybean. Singular. One bean. However, I might be persuaded to totally love Halloween if everyone's costume was as truly inspired as Diddy's! Diddy hit up the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party (because wouldn't you go to that if you could?), and in case you couldn't tell by the purple cape, the white guitar, the ruffled sleeves, curly hair, and the insouciance, he dressed up as Prince!! Pure PURE genius.

See more of Diddy as Prince after the jump.

And it's not just the purple garb and the curly hair that makes Diddy's Prince ostume so perfect -- it's his absolute DGAF attitude. Without even being there, we can totally tell that Diddy nailed Prince's persona, even pushing the crowd away so he could have his personal space. Because that's totally something Prince would do (in a non-douchey way, of course). WE DIE 4 U. A truly spectacular look, Mr. Combs. Way to reinstill my passion for Halloween!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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