Star Spotting: Even Steven Spielberg Geeks Out Over Rihanna

Steven Spielberg's all 'OMG RIHANNA.'

It's nice to know that even when we've traveled the world times over, met some of the biggest stars on the planet and become one of the most revered directors of all time, everyone's still got a little fangirl inside. Steven Spielberg proved that last night at the EIF's 15th Annual Women's Cancer Research Fund event in Beverly Hills, where Rihanna performed. Spielberg knew this was a chance of a lifetime, so he just went ahead and snapped a bunch of pictures of the "Hard" star right in front of her. Go 'head, Steve.

It's nice to see celebrities from all walks of life (read: varying degrees of extreme wealth) come together for a good cause. Rihanna's all, "Lend my voice and midriff to charity? No problem." Just one of the bajillion things we love about that girl.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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