Star Spotting: Gwen Stefani Is Still Aging Backward, Guys

Gwen Stefani hit the studio with No Doubt, still somehow not aging like a normal human.

While you're busy drinking your 64 ounces of water a day and taking your piddly little probiotics, Gwen Stefani is up in the studio wearing tank tops and a red beanie while actually aging backward. Diet, exercise, marrying a hot lead singer and becoming world famous seem to be the only proven advice for staying young.

No Doubt's been keeping us updated on their studio sessions via Facebook lately, and Gwen posted this STUNNING photo this afternoon. "Hello from the studio!" she wrote. More like, "Hello from my cryogenic lair." We know there's a vintage filter applied on this photo (our pores are forever thankful, Instagram), but there's still no denying that Gwen is over 40 and flawless.

Also, let's talk about the most exciting part of this whole thing -- new No Doubt music is being recorded while I type! CANNOT. HANDLE.

Photo credit: No Doubt

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