Star Spotting: Here Is A Photo Of Usher Holding An Owl

All you need to know: Usher holding an owl.

So listen, Usher could literally do anything he ever wanted (short of killing a man), and I would still think he is God's gift to Earth. I am not lying when I say that when my iPod's on shuffle, I never skip an Usher song. (Hopefully my friends and family still respect me.) So when we came across this photo of Usher holding an owl on Twitter, I lost my marbles. And by "lost my marbles," I mean "I'm pretty sure Usher and I are soulmates."

Along with this photo Usher tweeted, "This is my lil homie... he would not let me go!" This is great for so many reasons: 1) Usher's correct usage of an ellipsis, and 2) USHER CALLED AN OWL HIS LIL HOMIE. Yo, Ush -- if you ever need a +1 to your next zoo date, I'm your girl. Or if you need anyone to help you commit a felony like in your "Climax" video, I'm also your girl. I'M A RIDE OR DIE B****.

Photo credit: @usherraymondiv

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