Star Spotting: Here’s Lady Gaga Writhing Around In A Vanilla Sheet Cake…How Sweet! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga rolling around naked in a vanilla sheet cake? Just another casual Friday!

We're are VERY rarely shocked by Lady Gaga these days. She'll rock an '80s flashback ensemble like it ain't no thang, sport a soccer jersey with zero pants, and proudly display her gilded "Edward Scissorhands" hands probably made out of 24K gold. And also: THE MEAT DRESS. That said, we honestly wanna pretend to be stunned at the above photo of Lady Gaga basically naked covered in cake, but we're just not. It's kinda like "Here's Lady Gaga in her bra and undies looking GORG, writhing around on a giant cake! And also what's the weather like today?"

Why is Gaga making out with a vanilla sheet cake, you ask? Well, it probably has something to do with her forthcoming "Cake" project video, shot and directed by Gaga's BFF, Terry Richardson. (If you recall, Terry and Gaga did a book together and he's also the man reponsible for inspiring her to shave the back of her head.) In case the message wasn't clear enough, Gaga sent along some clarifying words along with this photo of her slathered in dessert! She elaborated: "The real CAKE isn't HAVING what you want, It's DOING what you want." You said it, guuuurl! But are you sure the real cake isn't having what you want? Because we're pretty sure we want those Louboutins you're wearing, and we're also pretty sure that if we got them, we wouldn't slather them in cake. But then again, you probably wanted twelve pairs, got 12 pairs, and used one of them for art! OK now we want 12 pairs too.

Photo credit: Lady Gaga's Facebook

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