Star Spotting: If Cassie Can Rock This Denim Robe, She Truly Is Flawless

Cassie hangs out in the Nobu area of London.

Not saying that we're like, fashion experts up in here (we leave those duties to MTV Style), but what the H is going on with Cassie's outfit? We're from the school of thought that the "King Of Hearts" singer is a 100 percent flawless queen who does no wrong so it's not like we're dissing our main girl, but we just kind of think this whole getup looks a little... bum chic? We're down with the all-black everything and that (hopefully faux) fur scarf, but is that a denim robe? It's giving me such weird feelings.

Cassie's been hanging across the pond lately -- she made some time to stop by Kanye West's fashion show, and here she was snapped out and about in the Nobu area of London. We hope she's having fun and resting up before her new record basically takes over the world, but what I really wanna know is if she's keeping up with her "McDonald's once a week" rule. In an interview with Buzzworthy, Cassie revealed she actually goes in on a fish filet once a week! Yeah, we don't believe her either, so maybe the paps can capture that moment the next time?

Photo credit: PCN News

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