Star Spotting: If Demi Lovato’s New Album Is Sold Out, It’s Probably Because Nick Jonas Bought EVERY COPY (PHOTO)

Nick Jonas owns A LOT of copies of Demi Lovato's new album, "Demi."

Nick Jonas bought SEVERAL copies of Demi Lovato's new album, "Demi."

Demi Lovato may have a complicated relationship with the Jonas Brothers, but that does NOT mean the bros don't ride or die for her! Oddly enough, even though Demi dated Nick Jonas' older brother Joe, it's the youngest JoBro, Nick, who seems to be Stan-ing out the hardest for the "Heart Attack" singer! That said, if you couldn't find Demi's new album, Demi, anywhere in stores, it's probably because Nick already bought all the copies. No, seriously, every single copy of Demi probably lives at Nick's house.

While a good portion of pop music's finest were at yesterday's 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Nick Jonas was clearly on a shopping spree. And naturally, like any good friend would, he sent Demi a photo of his Lovato-centric bounty that Demi later tweeted out to her whole crew. She captioned, "Look at this guy... Said he bought every copy they had..!!! Love you @nickjonas, you are the best!!!!" Hmmm, 'love you, Nick Jonas,' huh? We know that's probably more of a brotherly "love you, Nick Jonas" than an "I'm in love with you and may want to have your babies in five years, Nick Jonas," but we certainly wouldn't be opposed to these two as a couple. Just as long as it doesn't get awkward around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Eh, on the other hand, maybe it's better that Demi has shaken her "Pom Poms" for only one Jonas.

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