Star Spotting: Is Demi Lovato Going Undercover As Lady Gaga? (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato steps out in Miami looking very Gaga.

Maybe it was "dress your fave music idol at work" day or something, because Demi Lovato kinda looks like she shopped in Lady Gaga's closet. (Either that or she's going undercover as Gaga, in which case -- VERY SNEAKY, but we're onto you, Demi!) The circle sunglasses, punk-rock shoulder spikes and Demi's cotton candy hair totally nail some of our favorite Gaga looks. (Fortunately Demi opted out of a grade-A meat dress, which was smart considering she was in Miami and it probably wouldn't keep that well. And because, well, gross.)

Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga are practically twinsies. We have zero problems with that.

Wait, perhaps Demi's sending a signal that she wants to be invited to Lady Gaga's next sleepover like Lindsay Lohan. OMG OMG OMG! Then the girls could play beauty shop, gossip about boys and even talk about a possible collabo on each other's next albums -- OMG, PLEASE collaboration, guys! Oh, and let us know if the sleepover happens 'cause we'll bring Mall Madness.

Photo credits: Splash News; Getty Images

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