Star Spotting: Is Nick Jonas Playing Mega Millions Too?

Nick Jonas stops by a newsstand in New York, looking handsome as always.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys didn't write "Empire State of Mind" 'cause New York's a lame place to be, guys. Anything can happen in the city that never sleeps... like catching a glimpse of Nick Jonas chilling at a corner magazine stand! We're pretty sure that newsstand owner could sell anything the youngest Jonas Brother touched and retire a very wealthy person. (BRB, going to stalk visit every single corner in the city to find out which spot Nick frequents.)

The Broadway star was snapped looking dapper (per usual) in a trench coat while picking up some necessities. These stands sell everything, so we can only begin to imagine what Nick was buying. Perhaps Nick's one of the many celebrities buying Mega Million lottery tickets. It's one of the biggest jackpots ever, so why wouldn't Nick want in on the $640 million prize? Beats having to be a 9-5 working chump like the rest of us. (Ohhh, so that's really How You Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, guys!)

As any Jonas fan knows, Nick's the serious one, so we're sure he's got all kinds of adult-people investments like stocks, bonds (whatever those are!) and stuff. And every Jonas fan knows that every Jonas Brother has a charitable heart of gold. So knowing Nick, if he won the lotto he'd probably give it all away to a person in need. Like myself: I so need a new iPad!

Phot credit: Splash News

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