Star Spotting: Jared Leto Hangs With David Beckham At A Lakers Game, We Officially Love Sports

Jared Leto and David Beckham hang at Laker's game like NBD.

Reason number 897,343,078 why Jared Leto's life is better than ours: Dude gets to hang out with soccer superstar David Beckham at sporting events like it's NBD! And for all you fellow "Who's Hot/Hotter" score keepers, in this photo, the game's completely tied.

The lead singer of Thirty Seconds To Mars shared a photo of one our fantasies on his blog, Notes From The Outernet (our fantasy being Leto, Beckham and nacho cheese under one roof). And we can only begin to imagine the conversations the two hotties shared -- maybe they chatted about Jared's band's upcoming record or what Victoria Beckham's closet looks like.

We usually have a very firm "no shades indoors" policy, but we don't blame Jared for breaking the rule this time. Aside from the fact that Jared's hot enough to wear whatever, whenever, we'd also keep our shades on to ensure David couldn't see our eyes bulging out of their sockets in absolute disbelief that we were sitting close enough to smell is deodorant.

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