Star Spotting: Jedward Dress Like Superman In Tiger Pants, Hang With Tara Reid (PHOTO)

Jedward and Tara Reid vacay together in St. Tropez.

At first we were thrown off by this photo of the Irish twin pop sensation Jedward hanging out with Tara Reid in St. Tropez. But we've learned that it's safer to stop trying to understand celebrity friendships (especially after hearing about Lady Gaga and Lindsey Lohan BFF status). But perhaps it was the time the threesome spent together on Britain's "Celebrity Big Brother" that bonded the "Young Love" singers and the "American Pie" actress for life -- 'cause now the three even vacation in France together!

Rumor has it that Tara was also both twins' teenage crush back in the day, so we can only imagine all the attention girl's getting during the trip (Double the pleasure, double the fun?). But no more attention than the boys' cray outfits probably got. Hey, pop stars can wear whatever they want -- as evidenced by Jedward's tiger pants and Superman jerseys. On a somewhat related note, does anyone else ever get really nervous when twins dress exactly alike? Maybe I've just seen "The Shining" too many times.

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