Star Spotting: Jennifer Lopez Wears Head-To-Toe White In Winter Because She CAN! (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez wears head-to-toe white out at Bouchon in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez: the only human who can pull off head-to-toe white any day of the week.

As y'all clearly know, Jennifer Lopez is an impossibly GORG beauty bot, sent from the bot factory to stimulate the music business and make regular women feel jealous on a daily basis. OK, that might have been a far-fetched explanation, but we have to find some justification for how J. Lo can withstand frigid temperatures without the protection of an ugly puffy coat, WEAR ALL WHITE without spilling ketchup all over herself or end up looking like a giant walking marshmallow. She has to be a robot or an angel... something perfect, for sure.

J. Lo, otherwise known as our own IRL angel (because if this all-white ensemble didn't convince you of Jennifer's angelic qualities, the picture above surely will), was snapped in Los Angeles while en route for a sumptuous lunch at Bouchon with her manager, Benny Medina. And nope, the "don't wear white after Labor Day" rule clearly doesn't apply here because again, we're not dealing with an actual human. Don't let Jennifer's fiercely cool face fool you, either. She's probably all like: "Outta my way, paps! I've got a based-angels board meeting to get to, and I'm the chairwoman." Or something. (Sidebar: It's totally fine to judge us if you think we're weird for fantasizing about an angels-only board meeting. Go right ahead.)

Photo credit: Splash News

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