Star Spotting: Just A Friendly Reminder That Cher Lloyd Is SO Pretty (PHOTO)

Just another day of Cher Lloyd looking absolutely beautiful!

We realize there isn't a whole lot going on in this photo of Cher Lloyd, but stare long enough and you may become just as hypnotized by her beauty as we are (and don't be surprised if you start to hear the fluttering of those stunningly long eyelashes). Guys, Cher is just SO SO SOOO pretty! Now, if someone could please open a #GPOY shrine museum that includes our favorite pop star self-portraits (like Rihanna's and Miley Cyrus') and make Cher's picture the centerpiece. That would be fantastic.

The "Oath" singer shared her DIY glamour shot photo on Instagram before performing at the 2012 Girls Awards fashion show event in Tokyo, and we're officially ranking it a perfect score on our list of "Top Beautiful Photos of Cher" collection (you have grocery lists, we keep pop star lists). Seriously, it's like collecting baseball cards (if we liked baseball, that is). Right now our collection consists of Cher's beach goddess picture, her puppy snuggle picture, and... who are we kidding, basically any photo that has Cher in it! She always wins in front of the lens -- can I get an AMEN, I mean, a BRAT GRUNT? UGH!

Photo credit: @CherLloyd

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