Star Spotting: Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Get Their Goof On At Dinner

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber goof the hell out at their Billboard Music Awards celebration dinner.

It's not likely that you'd see a cheesy thumbs up from the person who basically invited the word "swaggy," but Justin Bieber breaks boundaries, y'all. Snapped recently with pal Chris Brown while they sat down for dinner, Justin showed off his most dad-like hand gesture while Chris turned his face into some kind of Jim Carrey ish circa the "In Living Color" days. (Look it up, young people.) Justin tweeted, "i will have the pasta. very nice," while Chris shared on Instagram, "Celebration dinner! We live our fans! But we hungry too!" (He probably meant, "We love our fans." But maybe not. Free country.)

We're guessing that celebration dinner probably had something to do with the Billboard Music Awards -- Justin took home the Top Social Artist award while Chris nabbed R&B Artist Of The Year. Yep, just a couple of award-winning buddies out for dinner, giving you the thumbs up. Nothing to see here, move along.

Photo credit: @justinbieber

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