Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Dishes With His New Bestie Oprah (PHOTO)

Oh, just Oprah and Justin Bieber being BFFs. Obviously.

It's not every day Justin Bieber gets starstruck (because let's face it... there's basically nobody more famous than him), but we gotta admit -- the proud new hamster owner did look a little starry eyed standing next to Oprah. But then again, it's OPRAH, a gal on par with only the President and maybe Britney Spears. But that's about it.

Justin and Oprah met up in Chicago where he filmed a segment for her "Next Chapter" show, and though it's not confirmed, it's our professional opinion that Oprah wore a purple sweater in the Biebs' honor. In fact, we happen to think Oprah was a smidge starstruck herself, given that she tweeted all about her time with the Biebs: "Me and the Bieber just finished our interview. Good stuff! #NextChapter." (We kinda wonder what "good stuff" means...maybe he dished on his upcoming tour dates with The Wanted? If so, we're listening!) Honestly, we're super into The Biebs and Oprah being BFFs. I mean, it's not like either of them are gonna make any new normal people friends, so why not just go straight to the top of the famous-person hierarchy? Plus, if you've experienced a private jet, it's kinda hard to bond with people who haven't. 

Photo credit: @Oprah

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