Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Tattoos ‘Beliebers’ Down His Entire Forearm

Justin Bieber gives himself a "Belieber" tattoo.

If for some bizarre reason you haven't heard that Justin Bieber's new album Believe came out yesterday, or that "Justin Bieber Live" aired last night on MTV, then you're clearly so far removed from pop culture that we probably shouldn't be friends.

Yesterday, the Biebs stopped by New York City's J&R Music to sign CDs for throngs of anxious fans. From what we can tell, the signing was pretty run of the mill: hoards of Beliebers passing out, crying, and hyperventilating as they waited to get a glimpse of their king. You know, the uszh.

What was a bit different though was that at this signing, Justin was sporting DIY tattoos. As in, Sharpie-d (is that word?) the word "BELIEBERS" in all caps down his forearm. We say, next time get that ink for real, dawg! Or alternatively, get a portrait of my face on your left bicep. Whatevs. 

+ Check out another photo of Justin Bieber's "Beliebers" tattoo after the jump.

+ Watch "Justin Bieber Live" on demand, and don't miss his swoony performance of "Die In Your Arms":

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