Star Spotting: Kanye West Takes In A Knicks Game With Ben Stiller, Is Totally Unfazed By Knicks Dancer

Kanye West, pensively lost in the world... of the Knicks.

Kanye West looks like he's focusing on that game harder than we did on the SATs as he kicked it courtside with Ben Stiller at the Knicks game last night at Madison Square Garden. While Kanye's lady love Kim Kardashian couldn't make it, it seems Yeezy and Ben enjoyed themselves as New York battled the Miami Heat during the NBA Eastern Conference quarterfinals. Judging from the serious expression on Kanye's face, it's pretty clear Kanye was channeling some "ball-so-hard" vibes to the Knicks, who clearly didn't get the memo because they lost by 17 points.

Not even this Knicks dancer could faze 'Ye!

Sorry, Knicks dancer! Kanye West's over it.

Also, are Kanye and Ben Stiller harboring a bromance we weren't aware of? We assume there must have been lots of discussion as to just how cray this season's been and maybe even a celebratory drink courtesy of Ben for Kanye thanking him for the shout-out in "Jesus Walks": "My friends sound like Ben Stiller's on 'Meet The Parents.'"

Despite his intensity at a sporting event, Kanye totally deserves some downtime to enjoy the athletic prowess (or lack thereof--the Knicks sadly lost by 17 points last night) after his "Lost In The World" video quietly premiered this week. Take a load off, Kanye! Just chill in your gray sweatshirt with Gaylord Focker like it's NBD, and don't let that dancer distract you.

Credit: Splash News, Getty Images

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