Star Spotting: Katy Perry Goes Goth, We Like It!

Katy Perry tosses up the horns while rocking a goth look at the NARM Music Biz Awards.

When we saw this photo of Katy Perry, we kinda thought Marilyn Manson just had a super phenom makeover. JK! We don't really think Katy and Manson look anything alike; we just got the same "Don't make eye contact 'cause they might find out you're not one of them" feeling from this pic (like when we see most Manson videos). Honestly, we love Katy's transformation, and we're not one bit intimidated of the new darker look.

Katy warned us that her next album was going to be "real f***ing dark," and judging by the recent goth-like outfit she wore to the NARM Music Biz Awards (where she won Artist 0f the Year!), she wasn't kidding. If we had to guess what her next record will sound like based on the photo she tweeted, we'd say something exactly like Teenage Dream, except less peppy and more screaming, drum smashing and tons of Taylor Momsen-like headbanging. No matter what, we'll love whatever Katy's evolution may entail -- even if it means shopping at Hot Topic to show our support.

Photo credit: @katyperry

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