Star Spotting: Katy Perry Is (ALWAYS) An All-American Beauty

Katy Perry's sweater proudly supports the U.S.A!

We're not sure how it's even possible that Katy Perry can look this put together after a weekend of hard-core whooping it up with BFF Rihanna at Coachella. Not that we're accusing her of enjoying any "party favors" at the concert, but the photo of her and Ri dominating a dance party has us exhausted enough -- it would take us a month to recoup. Actually, we get bags under our eyes when we stay up past 8 p.m. to watch "Toddlers And Tiaras," so we may not be the best judges.

The "Part Of Me" singer recently shared the stunning self-portrait on Twitter along with some exiting news:"Shot my official *MOVIE* poster last night! SO EXCITED..." Uhh, we're JUST as excited. We're also seriously digging that festive American flag sweater. It not only reminds us that both summer and the Fourth of July are near (!!!), but it also makes us really want to be all that we can be, (gorg/flawless/possibly not even human at all times) just like Katy Perry.

Photo credit: @katyperry

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