Star Spotting: Katy Perry Sticks Out Like A Sore (Blue) Thumb

Katy Perry sticks out from the crowd during Paris Fashion Week.

Kinda like Justin Bieber in his practically florescent Pittsburgh Steelers hat, Katy Perry is horrible at hiding. Never should you answer the question "How do I duck out of this fashion show without being seen?" with "Wear a long blue ponytail and Judy Jetson sunglasses." Celebrity 101, Katy. Duh.

Katy was swarmed by the paps when she left the Mui Mui fashion show in Paris recently, and homegirl doesn't look fazed by it one bit. She's all, "Ugh. Someone PLEASE pull my car around. I have another very important event to get to, and I still have three outfit changes planned."

Side note: Can I just complain for one second about how unfair it is that celebrities can just change the length of their hair whenever they want? Last time we saw her, Katy was rocking the chin-length blue bob, and now she has a giant mermaid ponytail? I get that it's kind of part of her job as a pop star to like, start trends or whatever, but all I'm saying is these bogus hair growth vitamins I'm taking are bulls***. Maybe once I sign a record deal my hair will finally be down to my butt. BRB, looking for my talents.

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