Star Spotting: Ke$ha Chewed On Someone’s Face, FYI

Ke$ha noms on her cousin's face like NBD.

We've been super supportive of Ke$ha's, um, unique desire to put facial hair in her mouth (we may not get it, but we accept it), but now we don't know what to think: Girl's going around and putting anyone's face in her mouth, beard or not. Has the glitter Animal officially gone cannibal?

At least the "Take It Off" singer knows who she's chomping on -- it's her cousin. Ke$ha shared the family bonding moment on Twitter along with the caption: " today was a success! Having a fun time w my adorable cousin. We got kicked out this place btw."

Normally, we'd be down with defending Ke$ha's honor and finding the schmuck that threw her out of anywhere, but we're pretty sure most public establishments have a clear "no eating people's heads like a zombie" policy -- and we gladly abide.

Photo credit: @Keshasuxx

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