Star Spotting: Ke$ha Takes Skrillex Hair To A New Level

Ke$ha upgrades the Skrillex hair trend in her own special way.

We already know Ke$ha can do things with glitter we never thought possible, but now her palette has become less sparkle and more hair buzzer. She's even made it her duty to evolve the Skrillex hairstyle to a whole new artistic vision! Remember the days when creative license meant coloring outside of the lines, not drawing them on the side of your head?

While some of us think pulling off bangs is risky, the "Take It Off" singer proves that drawing patterns on your scalp, buzzing half your head and adding a little braid for flare is like, NBD. Actually, it works for her -- but we suggest peeps, (like Rihannastick to original Skrillex inspirations.

And to prove that Ke$ha has no fear of humiliation is THE original trendsetter, she posted a photo of her new look on Twitter with the caption, "Writing hits and getting a crazy haircut!!! I can multitask!!!!" We're impressed, but if girl can also walk and chew on someone's face at the same time, we'd really be blown away.

Photo credit: @keshasuxx

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