Star Spotting: Ke$ha Totally Wails In The Studio!

Don't even play with Ke$ha when she's up in the studio layin' down tracks, y'all.

People have a lot to say about Ke$ha -- whether it's the fact that she may or may not use dirt as makeup or her sometimes odd oral behavior when it comes to beards, some people just aren't down to clown with the "Take It Off" singer. And those people are fools! We've already expressed to you why we think know Ke$ha is a songwriting genius (you heard it here first), and when we saw this photo of her going gorillas in the studio recently, our opinion was solidified as fact. Love when that happens.

Ke$ha shared this photo of her completely committing to her studio session on Twitter earlier today with the caption, "wailing on an EPIC track with & THIS is the dawn of a new genre of music." There was another part of that tweet that we're choosing not to share with you re: not getting a call from the legal department, but the point is Ke$ha rocks. Quite literally. Can't wait for her new stuff. (And you know she's got our vote in MTV's Musical March Madness.)

Photo credit: @keshasuxx

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