Star Spotting: Kevin and Danielle Jonas Are The King And Queen Of Fashion Week (PHOTO)

Kevin and Danielle Jonas head out for New York Fashion Week together.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas show us how to DOMINATE New York Fashion Week.

Does Fashion Week have a royal court like a high school prom? We're guessing not. BUT if it did, Kevin and Danielle Jonas would totally be the King and Queen of Fashion Week! Look at the two of them OWNING this moment, almost as though they were walking a runway themselves. It's all side leg and (smiling) side-eye for Mrs. Jonas over here. But more importantly, look at how Kevin is holding that umbrella to cover his wife more than himself. Now, THAT is how you properly share an umbrella with a significant other! Just more proof that nobility naturally runs through boy band members' blood (and that momma Jonas raised her boys all kinds of right).

The always-perfect couple were snapped out and about at New York Fashion Week looking like supermodels themselves. Oh, are you wondering how one gets nominated to be the King and Queen of Fashion Week? Well, first you must have your own reality series, then you must help unveil the USPS 2013 Love (Forever) stamp. And finally, you MUST be related to two equally attractive/musically talented brothers named Joe and Nick. So, what we're saying is, don't even bother trying, because Kevin and Danielle are ruling this court forever.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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