Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Checks Her Blind Spot

Lady Gaga takes a self-portrait in the car -- hopefully while not driving at the same time.

Discovering Lady Gaga is an actual human being just like us is a big deal, guys. Unlike her, we may pass on romping around in public while wearing a dress backward -- but she does take GPOYs on her cell AND shares them online... just like you and me!

The "Marry The Night" singer snapped a photo of herself in a car mirror looking GLAM in shades and red lipstick. BTW: Do famous people get a secret clause in their contract that guarantees they'll look good in photos the rest of us "normal" peeps tend to look awful in -- like self-portraits in mirrors? Um, sign us up for immediate fame.

Lady Gaga shared the pic on Facebook with the caption: "KILL THE B****." We've pretty much given up on trying to figure out the many, many metaphors of Mother Monster, but we can only wonder if the pic's caption refers to some serious road rage? Simmer down, Gaga. Bad drivers were born that way.

Photo credit: Lady Gaga

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