Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Chillin’ With No Makeup On

Lady Gaga looks human beautiful without makeup!

If you barely recognized Lady Gaga sans makeup in this photo, don't feel bad. If the pic wasn't recently shared on her Twitter, we wouldn't have believed it either. Mother Monster has NEVER looked more human.

The "Marry The Night" singer posted the GPOY taken on her cell along with the caption, "Have a beautiful day!!" But the only beauty we can think about is how flawless girl looks au naturel. (Also, we want to know her skin regimen STAT!)

So when Gaga takes away the prosthetics and/or hairy outfits and sports a simple tank top, she kind of just looks like -- dare we say it -- a girl next door.  What's next: Gaga in jeans? A hoodie? Or... Crocs?! Actually, if Lady Gaga starts showing up in Crocs, we may as well give up on life fashion all together.

Credit: @LadyGaga

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