Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Is A Walking Disco Ball (Or Something)

Lady Gaga sparkles at the airport in Japan.

You'd think with all the hoopla over Lady Gaga cancelling her latest Born This Way concert in Indonesia for being too, um, flashy, Mother Monster might hide under a hoodie for a while. Nope. Instead, Lady Gaga chaneled her inner Liberace and grabbed the loudest number she could find. This just in: There's a sudden shortage of bike reflectors in the world.

The "Marry The Night" singer was snapped strutting the terminal of a Japanese airport while sporting her brightest attire and equally stunning new fox blonde hair color. Let's be honest, we'd be pretty bored if Gaga wore baggy sweatpants like most airline travelers. But going through airport security in that get-up had to be annoying! Just imagine getting stuck behind her in the security line -- it would take her years to just get those boots off. Probably ANYTHING is better than having to sit next to Gaga on the plane while she wore that stinky meat dress.  And you thought getting stuck near crying babies on flights was the only thing you had to worry about...

Photo credit: Splash News

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