Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Made An Epic Snarly Face In A Johannesburg Monster Mob (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga's expression is PRICELESS.

Lady Gaga loves to pay respect to her international fans. When in Rio, she proudly wore a Brazilian soccer jersey with zero pants, and although it's not quite a pantsless homage, while in Johannesburg, South Africa, Lady Gaga made what we think is perhaps the best face in the history of all faces. Well, except for the face she made while writhing around in a giant vanilla sheet cake. OK fine, maybe it's a tie.

Lady Gaga was -- how shall we put this -- basically attacked by throngs of excited Little Monsters as she touched down at Lanseria International Airport. Rumor has it that Gaga's Monsters had been waiting for hours just to get a glimpse of their beloved leader. Unfortunately, a brief scuffle between the South African Police and Gaga's bodyguards prevented Gaga from spending as much time with her fans as she would have liked, and it's our professional opinion that this "WTF IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW LET ME MINGLE WITH MY PEOPLE!" face is her natural reaction (which is basically just a really good Billy Idol impression). We totally get it, Gaga. And although they may not realize it just yet, your priceless reaction was a gift to all of Johannesburg. And to the world.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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