Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus And Her Puppy Get Their Hair Did

Miley Cyrus and Happy at the salon

If you didn't already know that Miley Cyrus has like, the most adorbz puppy collection in the world, than you clearly don't stalk her Twitter as much as we do. Girl's always posting THE BEST photos of her four-legged friends that often inspire us to burst out the door to find the nearest pup available, then proceed to baby talk and snuggle the ish out of it. We may have lost a few dates over it -- but it's so worth it.

The "7 Things" singer shared yet another super duper cute pic of her dog, Happy, enjoying some salon snuggle time on Twitter along with the caption, "Happy & I getting 'groomed' by @glennnutley =]." Not only is that puppy a total 10 on our cute puppy scale, but that is one lucky dog. Most pets get a quick bath from the hose in the backyard, but Happy gets to hang out in an effing salon -- and y'all know Miley ain't getting her hair did somewhere cheap! That pooch will get pampered more than we probably ever will... Miley, adopt us!

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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