Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Finds Her Inner Michael Jackson (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus gives us her fashionable take on Michael Jackson.

Miley Cyrus' AH-MAZING life is the BEST thing the internet has ever bestowed upon us (besides the discovery of Austin Mahone, obvs). So far we've lived vicariously through Miley's dog ownership, lap dances, studio collabs, and marriage proposals -- but like the fashionistas we wish we were, we especially love it when she plays dress-up. We remember all too well when Miley nailed her inner Nicki Minaj, and now she's got her own stylish take on the King Of Pop! She's just being Miley Jackson, guys!

The "Decisions" singer shared the photo on Twitter with the caption "All dressed up with no where to go. #pimpsuit." OK, so she doesn't look like an exact replica of Michael Jackson (nor like any pimp suit we've ever imagined), but you have to admit that Miley's red pants, sunglasses, and almost crotch-grab do resemble the "Man in the Mirror!"

With Miley hard at work on her new album, we'd like to imagine that Miley's getting inspired for new tunes by dressing up like famous pop stars before she hits the recording studio. It's either that or we have another singer looking to take on multiple personalities -- aka Miley IS Hannah Montana IRL!!!

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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