Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Is In The Studio With Pharrell Williams and Tyler, The Creator (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus in the studio with Pharrell Williams and Tyler, The Creator! We can't even handle all this talent.

It's all getting real, guys -- new Miley Cyrus tunes are SO happening! First, Miley tweeted a picture of herself alone in the studio working on her next record, and now Pharrell Williams shared this snapshot of himself, Miley, and Tyler, The Creator dropping beats TOGETHER. We repeat: Two of hip-hop's biggest names are on board for Miley's next record! We have no idea what to expect from Miley's new music, but given that so many musical geniuses are chilling in one studio together, we know it's going to be EPIC!

Pharrell tweeted the photo along with the caption "In the lab.." We're not sure what we're more in love with: Tte fact that Miley's rose-tucked-in-a-belt-loop accessory is officially on our "must wear this fall list" or the thought that she could be heading in a rap/pop direction. (Can everyone just take a moment to imagine Miley dropping mad verse??) Mostly, we're jealous of Tyler, The Creator's contacts. The guy is BFFs with all the talented ladies: Demi Lovato, Willow Smith, and Miley (guess they got over that whole haircut disagreement). That's it! When we grow up, we want to be a rapper AND Miley Cyrus... annnd an astronaut.

Photo credit: @Pharrell

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