Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Totally Makes Out With Her Dog, We’re Not Judging Though (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus gets a wake-up call from her dog in the form of a giant smooch!

We know -- you're all "surprise, surprise! Here's Miley Cyrus posing with her dogs, yet again." (Please recall: THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS.) And while you're right, this is another photo of Miley and an adorable dog, you're trying to telling me that's gonna get old? Yeah, didn't think so. Also, this time it's a legit dog-to-human-lip-kiss! And sure, we do (in a totally non-stalkerish way) wish we were checking out a private smooch between Miley and her stunning model-of-a-future-husband-Liam-Hemsworth, this dog moment is pretty cute as well.

Along with a pic of the adorable in-bed-lip-kiss between her and her dog, the newly short-haired Miley tweeted the caption: "woke up to sloppy wet kisses from the cutest boy on the planet!!! Guess who?" Yeah, hopefully Liam's not the jealous type...

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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