Star Spotting: Niall Horan Sizzles At The Grill! (PHOTO)

One Direction's Niall Horan is a BBQ pit master!

One Direction's Niall Horan serves up some BBQ!

As if we needed ANOTHER reason why One Direction's Niall Horan is such great boyfriend material, we can now say that the boy band member is a BAWSE at the grill! So, in addition to his stellar career success, phenomenal physical shape, adorbz fast asleep look, healthy sense of sportsmanship, and playful sense of humor, Niall can now add "badass chef" to his "I'm a total catch" résumé! Ladies of the world: Niall IS single. Guys of the world: This is what you're up against. Let the games begin!

The "Kiss You" singer shared the photo on Instagram along with the caption "Hell yeah! I'm BBQ'n tonight! Chef nialler is in the house mothetruckerrs." First, don't try to scratch and sniff the delicious-looking meat on your computer screen -- it won't work, trust us. Second, we might be on to who cooked Harry Styles' backstage chicken dinner! If this whole boy band/3-D movie star/heartthrob thing doesn't work out for Niall, he could always become the next Gordon Ramsey! Just think about it: food AND boy band members... TOGETHER?!! It's like, our two favorite passions in life colliding! We're seriously drooling just thinking about it. (Um, ew.)

Photo credit: @niallhoran

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