Star Spotting: Nicki Minaj Is Gonna Be A Super Cool Mom One Day

Nicki Minaj and two of her most adorable fans at her 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' CD signing in Harlem

I'm not gonna lie -- the thought of Nicki Minaj having children is just a tad bit scary to me. Not saying she couldn't do it or she'd be bad at it or anything, but just saying I'm worried the kid might not know what to call their mother. Which alter ego would they'd be getting on any given day? Roman Zolanski? Martha? Regular Nicki? Being a kid is confusing enough -- learning to tie your shoes, amirite? Having Nicki as a mom might present a whole new set of challenges.

But you know what, what do I know? Absolutely nothing, judging by this totally adorbz pic taken at Nicki's Best Buy visit in Harlem yesterday. The Harajuki Barbie dropped her much-anticipated Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded yesterday, and just a few (hundred) of her closest fans came to lend their support. Two of those fans were these super presh girls -- OMG, that mini "Barbie" necklace. CANNOT. HANDLE. Everyone looks so happy and natural in this photo, so once again my nurturing, maternal instincts are probably way off. (I killed a spider plant once, which is basically impossible.) So like, glass houses or whatever.

Photo credit: Splash News

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