Star Spotting: Oh, It’s Just Nelly Furtado On Stilts In Downtown L.A.

Nelly Furtado loses her balance while on stilts filming a music video shoot in L.A.

Chill, guys, this isn't next season's high-heel trend (yet), it's just Nelly Furtado on GIANT STILTS doing stunts for her next music video in downtown L.A. -- ya know, NBD. And you thought your job's health hazards were dangerous? (Though we once had a scary paper shredder moment that still keeps us up at night.)

It's been a while since we've heard any new solo tunes from the "Say It Right" singer (but we loved her recent duet with K'naan, "Is Anybody Out There?"). Maybe she spent her time out of the spotlight studying technique with Cirque du Soleil? No, seriously, can people do that? 'Cause we want in.

For realzees though, this stunt looks like it takes some serious physical talent. Sure, the photo catches Nelly freaking the eff out as she dodges a fall (do you blame her?), but girl still looks lovely mid-freak-out. BTW: Where can one even get such a stylish outfit that's like, 15 feet tall? We just want to be prepared in case that heel joke we made really comes true.

Photo credit: Splash News

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