Star Spotting: Oh No! Rihanna Looks Kinda Sadz!

What's wrong, Rihanna?!

We very rarely catch Rihanna in anything other than a totally fierce smize, so we're a little worried about her hand-on-her-face situation going on when she was photographed leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles last night. This pose could mean any number of things: Maybe she forgot her purse inside the restaurant? Maybe she had too many non-kiddie cocktails and thinks she is seductively posing for the cameras? (We've all been there, Ri.) Maybe she's got that TMJ? Whatever it is, are we the only ones thinking this is going to become another ill-fated internet photo phase? Rihanna-ing? (Side note: Have you guys seen Draping? LE BEST.)

Perhaps Ri's still thinking about that interview she walked out on. When she was in Australia promoting her movie "Battleship" recently, Ri was asked about her love life... at which point she left the interview. Hey, I get it. It's like 10,000 grandmas asking you if you're going to get married before they die, but instead of being concerned because they want to witness your holy union because they're a member of your family, it's actually just like, some stranger guy wearing a bad suit prodding you like a zoo animal. Over and over and over.

Keep your chin up, Rihanna. ("If they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up," - 50 Cent.)

Photo credit: Splash News

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