Star Spotting: One Direction Actually Having Fun At The Airport

At least someone gets some joy out of baggage claim.

As glamorous as it might seem to fly around the world all the time, spending hours on end in airports is actually the pits. They like, trap you there with all those pesky security measures and stuff. Ugh. But at least three-fifths of One Direction found a way to get their s***s and giggles at baggage claim. The dudes landed at Heathrow yesterday and got right back into their British tomfoolery. Look at Liam sitting on those pieces of luggage! Wacky!

Given that a half-eaten piece of Niall's toast was sold for $100K (no, really), what do you think these suitcases would go for? This is prime 1DDNA (One Direction DNA), y'all. That ish does not come cheap. I would tell you my maximum, but I'm afraid that one day they might actually auction a piece of 1D luggage off, and I'll have to buy it -- and then you guys would know what "a year's worth of rent" costs me. And frankly, we're not that close.

Photo credit: Splash News

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