Star Spotting: One Direction’s Harry Styles Holding A Koala. We Repeat: Harry Styles And A Koala (!!!!)

One Direction's Harry Styles cuddles a koala, we die!

Not sure if you guys heard, but One Direction's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are total BFFs. Before you start raging jealously and scheming a way to get in to their cool kids club, take a breath and admire another member of Harry's posse -- a koala!  Everyone all together now: "Awwww!" It's official -- Harry has the cutest/best social life EVER!

The "What Makes You Beautiful" singer was was snapped cozying up to the little Australian critter, then posted the pic on Twitter along with a very accurate caption: "Koala!!" (You know, in case fans confused the adorbz animal as one of the other equally adorbz members in One Direction.) While we can think of a scroll-long list of awesome things celebrities get to do that we'll never accomplish (basically, Beyoncé's entire life), we're content just admiring Harry getting the awesome opportunity to chill with the wild animal. Doesn't the little guy seem so sweet and cuddly and like, have the softest-looking face in the world? Oh, and the koala looks pretty friendly, too.

Credit: @Harry_Styles

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