Star Spotting: Pregnant Jessica Simpson’s Still Working Out, Or Having A Nice Day In Pajama Pants (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson looks comfy chic while hitting the gym in Los Angeles.

A pregnant Jessica Simpson looks comfy chic in Los Angeles.

There are two things we admire about a pregnant Jessica Simpson: 1) She wears heels like NBD, despite being in the process of creating human life, and 2.) She STILL makes time to exercise. Because Jess is either doing that in this photo or she's going about her daily routine in pajamas, which is totally possible, because WHO DOESN'T LOVE DOING THINGS IN THEIR PAJAMAS!? (And if you say "not me," you're living a lie.)

The "Where You Are" singer was snapped looking energetic in Los Angeles, possibly getting in shape for her upcoming NBC sitcom. WAIT, let's just take a second to process this. Not only is Jessica newly pregnant and SUPER busy working on a show that's ALL ABOUT HER ADORBZ LIFE, but she's also got baby Maxwell waiting for her at home? Jessica is clearly showing off some supermom ish, 'cause we're pretty sure if we were pregnant AND just had a baby, we'd never have time for work (let ALONE the gym). We'd just be reallly busy shoving our faces with random cravings, napping, shopping for cute baby clothes... basically ANYTHING OTHER THAN WORKING OUT.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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