Star Spotting: Rihanna Gets Her Cinderella On For The Time 100 Gala

Rihanna headed to the Time 100 gala in NYC

I mean, I can't with this Rihanna photo. She is just the prettiest person ever. Ri stepped out in NYC yesterday looking hella Cinderella as she made her way to the Time 100 gala. If y'all didn't hear, Rihanna was voted one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people. She's right up there alongside Tim Tebow, Hilary Clinton and President Obama. And I guess when you're super duper mega important like that, you get to go to a gala dressed like the queen of the ball. Allow us to remind you Ri is only 24. WE KNOW.

As for what went on during said gala that most of us will never be invited to, Rihanna tweeted, "Well....2nt consisted of us singing Bob Marley, drinkin Vintage Scotch, and my mom thinkin a joke abt Kutcher was appropriate!" So apparently the Time 100 is just like Thanksgiving at your drunk uncle's house... or something. Rihanna: Always keepin' it real.

Photo credit: Splash News

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