Star Spotting: Rihanna Goes Shopping Wearing Very Little Clothing (PHOTOS)


Rihanna forgot to wear a shirt while shopping in St. Tropez!

Rihanna isn't shy when it comes wearing almost nothing at the beach or in the privacy in her own home (see: Her skimpy Hawaiian swimsuit), but girl's officially taken her barely there look to the streets while shopping in St. Tropez. We know it gets hot there but... actually, we don't know that for sure. We don't get to travel to the world's most exotic destinations in a yacht large enough to have its own effing ZIP code and whoop it up under the sun with all our BFFs like Ri gets to daily. Not that we're bitter about it or anything.

See more of Rihanna in St. Tropez after the jump.

Ri suddenly realizes she's half-naked and tries on a leather jacket.

The "Where Have You Been" singer took her sea legs to dry land during a shopping excursion this past weekend, where we imagine she suddenly realized that she was wearing next to nothing and stopped to pick up a leather jacket. Her smirk totally says, "So sorry guys, didn't mean to flaunt this masterpiece (aka my flawless body) all over the place. Please forgive me while I continue to look hot in every single thing I try on." It's OK if you want to post GORGE photos of Rihanna on your vision board and wish for a life like hers, guys. We've been doing it for years.

Photo credit: Splash News

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