Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Is A Do-Gooder On The Go

Selena Gomez stops by UNICEF offices in NYC.

There's really not much Selena Gomez could do at this point that would make us dislike her, especially because she just keeps doing good deeds left and right. While many pop stars in her position might spend all their time with boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena spends her free hours helping save the world, because that's just how she do. After stopping by UNICEF offices in NYC yesterday (looking adorable as always), Selena tweeted, "Just met my partner/volunteer for my next UNICEF trip! We're gonna have so much fun #spreadtheword #unicef..."

Selena recently took to her blog to help promote UNICEF and spread awareness about the lack of clean drinking water in lesser developed countries, and OMG, we seriously love her so much. She's so well-written and smart! And the cutest! And I want those nude pumps she's wearing! And frankly, anyone who James Franco can get behind is someone I will always like (because I'm a supportive imaginary wife). #selenaforever

Photo credit: Splash News

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