Star Spotting: Taylor Momsen Loves Signing Autographs. JK.

Taylor Momsen looks thrilled to be signing autographs.

Being a celebrity isn't all fun, games and free hot dogs like I think it is, guys. Being a celebrity requires one to perform some less than desirable tasks, like... signing autographs for your adoring fans? Taylor Momsen was snapped outside of Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn event at the Viper Room in L.A. recently, and The Pretty Reckless singer stopped to put her John Hancock on some fat stacks (of paper). But don't shoot us for saying she looked less than exhilarated to be doing so.

We're not suggesting Taylor doesn't love her fans, we're merely saying this is probably one of those cases where the paps caught the star at the wrong time. Or on the wrong day. Or after a root canal. In all seriousness, at least Taylor keeps it real. (Isn't that why we like her in the first place?) Being a fake-ass b**** all the time is exhausting. Just ask my best friend from junior high.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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