Star Spotting: Taylor Momsen Whips Her Hair Better Than All Of Us

Taylor Momsen shows us how to properly headbang during a concert in Florida.

You know you're lame when you wonder how much yoga it would take to get to even half of Taylor Momsen's headbanging, hairwhipping range. (Not that we're lame, we're just wondering for a friend.) If anything, this photo proves (yet again) that Taylor is one serious bad-ass, especially when she's on stage with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Also, we're terrified to say otherwise.

The "You" singer brought back '90s grunge during her performance at The Culture Room in Florida recently. While the days of comparing Momsen to her sultry Jenny Humphrey character on "Gossip Girl" are long gone, we're not afraid (maybe a little) to admit that this photo looks like another blonde bombshell who's perfected the sexy hair-whip: Taylor Swift. Well, you know, if Swift didn't wear pants.

But don't worry, guys, we know how to tell the two singers apart if we had to IRL: One Taylor looks like she'd give glitter-filled hugs while the other Taylor would likely whisper Marilyn Manson lyrics to you while you sleep. (We'll let you guess which is which.)

Photo credit: Splash News

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