Star Spotting: Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron Have A Dress-Up Party

Taylor Swift, Dianna Agron and friends dress up for Dianna's circus-themed birthday party.

Is it too much to ask to get invited to just one Taylor Swift dress-up party? After seeing her and BFF Selena Gomez go H.A.M. on some cupcakes while sporting girly dresses (and sweatpants on Selena) last week, now seeing her at "Glee" star Dianna Agron's circus-themed birthday party is making us super jealous. I totally have the perfect ringmaster costume! (Don't ask.) Also, we're really into the whole tiger thing, Tay. It's working for you. (#hubbahubba)

The "Sparks Fly" singer tweeted this weekend, "The most magical night at @DiannaAgron's circus themed birthday party!" And we're all, "Um, is this an 'attractive persons only' birthday party?" I mean, seriously. Taylor Swift, Dianna Agron and Selena Gomez are like the Pretty Pretty Princesses of BFFs. Is that even allowed?

Photo credit: @taylorswift13

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