Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Enjoys A Donut For St. Patrick’s Day, Wins At Life

Taylor Swift enjoyed a delicious doughnut to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

While y'all probably spent your St. Patrick's Day weekend Shamrocking like fools, Taylor Swift's festivities included the simple pleasure of enjoying a donut. Leave it to our girl to know the way to our hearts (not that she wasn't cozy there already): posting pics of deliciously fried pastries.

The "Safe And Sound" singer Instagram-ed a photo of herself holding a donut along with the caption "Celebrating St Patrick's Day the best way I know how. Donuts.” What did you guys expect Taylor to be doing for the holiday? Running around town decked out in some ridic green ensemble, chugging too much beer and scarfing all the corned beef she could find? Um, no. Girl had BIGGER things to do this weekend... like, ohhh, unveil her "Eyes Open" tune from the "Hunger Games" soundtrack. Sorry, guys, but that's way more important than pretending she's Irish one day of the year going out and getting cray-cray with some crowds.

Photo credit: Instagram

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