Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Wearing A Taylor Swift Shirt

Taylor Swift in a Taylor Swift shirt? Moar, plz.

And here's reason a million billion why Taylor Swift is the coolest. Taylor uploaded this photo of her and her band members WEARING SHIRTS WITH THEIR OWN FACES ON THEM to Instagram last night with the caption, "Thanks to the lovely fans who brought us these face shirts. We're wearing them." If you listen closely, you can probably hear the sounds of a few lucky fans screaming their effing heads off.

Taylor's been playing some shows Down Under recently, and it seems like Australian fans are giving U.S. fans a run for their money. (I'm sorry but step your game up, Americans! These shirts rule!) Not only do we love the fact that Taylor was totally down to be a good sport by putting on the shirt, but it's a even the classic "Surprised Taylor Swift" face that she's rocking, proving that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Also, props to the shirt-printing industry. Things have come a long way since those Alf '80s iron-ons I used to do with my babysitter after school. (Don't Google my age.)

Photo credit: Instagram

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