Star Spotting: The 3 Cutest One Direction Photos Of The Day

One Direction pose with fans outside their hotel in L.A.

If you were anywhere near the Los Angeles area recently, you may have heard a collection of out-of-control, rapid booms. It was actually the thumping heartbeats coming from a group of SERIOUSLY LUCKY One Direction fans who got to hang out AND take photos with the U.K. fivesome -- not an actual earthquake. (But, possibly, just as dangerous).

The "What Makes You Beautiful" singers may be working 24/7 to promote their new album, Up All Night, while in La-La land, but the Brits obvs know their priorities -- like taking some time to goof around with their devoted fans in front of their hotel. While we've never thought these guys had a pretentious bone in their body, it's pretty much proven with band member Niall Horans' hilarious pose. Um, can someone explain how a bro can make this cray face and still look ridiculously swoonworthy? #BoyBandDNA

One fan even got to hug Niall! (We'll give you a moment to catch your breath and calm those dagger eyes of jealousy.) We actually give the fan major props. We'd probably start hyperventilating if he offered us an embrace... and then we'd need CPR from him... (All part of the plan, guys.)

Check out more One Direction photos after the jump!

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