Star Spotting: The Most Epic Photo Of Diddy, EVER

Diddy DGAF in a fur scar (and vest!) in Paris.

We're all about creative ways to duck out of a photograph, but this pic of Diddy (aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean Combs) dodging the paparazzi is the most EPIC photo of the rapper EVER! The midair flipping of the scarf alone screams, "Mo money, NO problems."

The "Last Night" singer was snapped leaving his hotel in Paris and was caught in what may be the most dramatic pose ever caught on film. If we were going to calculate what makes this photo pure brilliance via a mathematical equation (in hopes to re-create it's perfection for our very own Facebook profile pic), it would look like this: fur scarf + fur vest + arty glasses frames = more swag than any of us will ever have access to in a lifetime. (Another reason why we hate math.)

We'd like to think that Diddy's fashion week extravaganza in France inspired his creative scarf move -- or maybe it really is that cold there. Nobody wants to show up to a fashion show and sit next to the world's most gorgeous people while dealing with some seriously nasty post-nasal drip.

Photo credit: WENN

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